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  2. External. We're not internal.
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  4. Hello, does the strafe hack inject into CSGO or is it like AHK?
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  6. Updated the DevFork Branch, this contains the beginnings of BaseEntity and CSPlayer class and a WeaponClassID Enum.
  7. Unknown2Me


    Almight Rajesh, best video
  8. Updated: Implemented ConsoleMenu Edgy & Cool ASCII Header Reflection of Settings (Settings changed from ConsoleMenu) Improved overall structure
  9. Updated Again. Improved memory class somewhat. Implemented Key checks Updated offsets Improved functionality Added more comments
  10. Only the bunnyhop supports gmod, I believe it might be outdated again, thanks garry... I don't have an eta for a gmod client but it is an interest so maybe
  11. Which of your cheat clients supports GMOD? (TriggerHop, BH + Strafe Hack, Framework) When was the last time they were updated? What anti-cheats do they bypass? If no, would you ever consider making a gmod hack?
  12. Unknown2Me


    FPS config shouldn't affect the triggerhop in regards to function / performance.
  13. dwindoe


    Anyone know where i can get a good fps config that wont interfere with triggerhop.
  14. Not cheated personally since WarZ 😥, Only cheat once I'm bored of a game mode / I'm given a reason to be an ass. Old days garrys mod RP ESP etc... Otherwise any bhop server if I get bored on another account
  15. Consider it done, smooth jazz coming right up
  16. I dread the day when you release a video without a funky EDM track in the background
  17. My fellow bhoppers, where do you mostly cheat on? Do you like to set new times on bhop/kz servers or do you make sick plays in mm? I personally like setting new times on my favorite bhop server and also like showing off on mm "my" sick strafes
  18. Updated this yesterday. Cleaned up some stupid mistakes and implemented WriteProcessMemory for both standard data types and structures. Switched Read to a use a generic method instead. Bunnyhop implemented but poorly for now.
  19. News: As some of you are already aware I'm working on the first Internal project to be featured at Unknown2Me. There is currently no ETA however I'm taking this opportunity to adapt to the change so please be patient. The decision to this move is to remain competitive and provide the features you guys want without the limitations. More so, I'd like to globally introduce Base2Me, an OpenSource C# Base. This base serves as a method to learn for people who aren't wanting to learn C and or want a stepping stone into game hacking. (It also allows me to revise my C# syntax). New website design! As you're already aware I have revamped the design, customised with some minor animation and icons. Modern approach for the modern changes in place. This design also comes with the new NavigationBar featuring both the Cheat Status and Discord links for easy access to information & support. More so, expect some beefier launcher changes down the line, I have since resolved dependency problems and still have windows compatability to resolve. I have also had positive feedback in regards to the pricing as it stands so they'll remain. Finally, @Ryu, @iCheese, @Jabber and I have discussed and would like to revive the forums to become the community we once were. We plan to encourage community growth with events, Moderator recruitment , giveaways and being more interactive with you guys and the content. Changes: Base2Me - C# CS:GO Base (GitHub) (I'll fix the iframe tonight)
  20. Base2Me (Base2Me GitHub) The Open Source External C# CS:GO Base A Managed CS:GO Base, designed to revise C# and provide an alternative learning platform to begineer programmers in the community. Requirements .NET Core 2.2 or Above Visual Studio 2017 or Above (If you have issues) How To Use Download the repository Extract the .zip to a location of your choice Open Base2Me.csproj inside the Base2Me folder Tweak or Compile! (Publish for a .exe) Left/Right arrow key to change setting values Up/Down arrow key to change setting option Escape to apply settings and begin client Profit? Example License GPL-3.0
  21. Yes, given not the most responsive the higher the sensitivity
  22. Does the strafehack work like this?
  23. Clients Current Status Release Date Version Detection History BunnyHop & Strafe Online June 2013 3.0.4 (30/05/2019) June 2016 Undetected (3 Years) TriggerHop Online August 2015 2.0.1 (30/05/2019) None Undetected (4 Years) GenericTBR Online March 2016 2.0.1 (30/05/2019) None Undetected (3 Years) Framework Online July 2016 2.0.3 (30/05/2019) August 2016, February 2017 Undetected (2 Years)
  24. Just a rushed video demonstrating latest iteration of the aimbot. More improvements underway!
  25. VAC, MM, SMAC & Other ServerSide AntiCheats
  26. what anticheat are really bypassing?
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