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  2. Unknown2Me

    New games?

    If I was to ever consider supporting BE games it would have to be on a private basis. The developer is known to adopt a 'buy in' approach for detecting clients over the time. I'm considering some more source games though
  3. DevinHughes

    New games?

    @Unknown2Me have you ever looked into coding cheats for games like Rust or Arma 3? If not you totally should because I don't really wanna try any other cheat providers lol.
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  7. No, we list supported anticheats already on each product page.
  8. Can it be used on 5Eplay / win or B5 platforms?
  9. Other than adding 1 to 2019... Store: I've finally sorted out the store pricing and subscriptions. Repeat subscribers get a discount and price filtering works again on the page. Dropped GenericTBR to £25, rebalanced Framework pricing and also dropped HWID changes to 0.75p. Site: Try increase user satisfaction within the site and community, looking at discord integration possibly? Improve the support flow and how to locate it, rejig the styling a little bit further most likely. Clients: Framework V4 UI is still being worked on, lack of feedback hasn't been aiding in approach but we're getting there. Most the styling & Templating is already done and in place, colours would need some tweaking but mostly layout suggestions / feedback and feature requests. More optimistic for this year than the previous, but even when things slow down we'll remain on top of updates at the very least.
  10. Can u use this cheat on esportal?
  11. Piggy backing. External optimizer will not optimize your strafes if you're one of those animals that plays at 800dpi and 10+sens, you cannot make api calls and calculations atop in the time which your views will change compared to an internal (even if the maths is identical). If you want to have 'results' from the optimizer i suggest only purchasing if you don't play with a sensitivity designed to induce RSI (aka a high sens and dpi). A lower sensitivity where you're not LongJumping will be fine.
  12. First of all: it is external Now to the VAC: Almost all the cheats have been undetected since 2014. Back then a major VAC wave hit many providers and unfortunately also U2M. This was accidentall if I recall correctly and should not have happened. Since then we survived many more waves without any complaints. Just be aware of Overwatch as that's a different story.
  13. How long has it been undetected and is it internal or external
  14. It's that time of year again. It's been a slow and quiet year for us, neither good or bad. However, as per usual... The Christmas sale is 20% off! 🎅🏿 Discount Code (Can only be used twice per member): CHRISTMAS20 We have some projects in progress, hopefully they continue with haste and they'll see light in the first quarter of the year. Happy Holidays!
  15. kweng

    gmod bhop

    Alright no worries, appreciate the response!
  16. Might be outdated again currently due to a gmod update the other day. Gmod tends to have better server side anticheats so possibly.
  17. I saw a thread from a couple of months ago regarding gmod bhop being out of date...is this still the case? If not, are there any servers that are known to detect the autohop?
  18. External. We're not internal.
  19. Hello, does the strafe hack inject into CSGO or is it like AHK?
  20. Updated the DevFork Branch, this contains the beginnings of BaseEntity and CSPlayer class and a WeaponClassID Enum.
  21. Updated: Implemented ConsoleMenu Edgy & Cool ASCII Header Reflection of Settings (Settings changed from ConsoleMenu) Improved overall structure
  22. Updated Again. Improved memory class somewhat. Implemented Key checks Updated offsets Improved functionality Added more comments
  23. Only the bunnyhop supports gmod, I believe it might be outdated again, thanks garry... I don't have an eta for a gmod client but it is an interest so maybe
  24. Which of your cheat clients supports GMOD? (TriggerHop, BH + Strafe Hack, Framework) When was the last time they were updated? What anti-cheats do they bypass? If no, would you ever consider making a gmod hack?
  25. Unknown2Me


    FPS config shouldn't affect the triggerhop in regards to function / performance.
  26. dwindoe


    Anyone know where i can get a good fps config that wont interfere with triggerhop.
  27. Not cheated personally since WarZ 😥, Only cheat once I'm bored of a game mode / I'm given a reason to be an ass. Old days garrys mod RP ESP etc... Otherwise any bhop server if I get bored on another account
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