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  3. madeger


    Not gonna lie you need to start editing your clips together, just waiting half the video for you to take a shot does not shine a good light on you 😄
  4. madeger

    Clients Online

    You missed the real good times: https://imgur.com/a/1jvIuOR inserting images seems to be broken atm
  5. Jose

    Clients Online

    The bots have taken over 😪
  6. anybody has this working cheat after update i pay if u want DM to faker#3866 ds
  7. Hey there FakeSecretYeS, a recent csgo update changed a whole lot and requires a lengthy code-rewrite for the clients, which U2M will start to look into this weekend. This is why you currently experience some issues - once the clients are up to date U2M will let everyone know via the chatbox/discord. By the way, you are welcome to join: https://discord.gg/YEz7psh If you still experience problems AFTER the update, heres a small troubleshooting FAQ for the most common problems: Furthermore please use the "Support" section on the website next time so that other people with simil
  8. Soo i have done everything as its supposed to, bind mouse3 +jump unbind space bind mouse4 +moveleft bind mouse5 +moveright. Still when i hold space and move mouse it dosent strafe? Autobhop works fine but the strafer dosent do anything when i move my mouse please help
  9. We don't support leagues and/or esportal. Sorry
  10. maybe its a weird question but would it be detected on leagues? like esportal? not really interested in the bhop either, literally just looking for a strafe hack.
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