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    Other than adding 1 to 2019... Store: I've finally sorted out the store pricing and subscriptions. Repeat subscribers get a discount and price filtering works again on the page. Dropped GenericTBR to £25, rebalanced Framework pricing and also dropped HWID changes to 0.75p. Site: Try increase user satisfaction within the site and community, looking at discord integration possibly? Improve the support flow and how to locate it, rejig the styling a little bit further most likely. Clients: Framework V4 UI is still being worked on, lack of feedback hasn't been aiding in approach but we're getting there. Most the styling & Templating is already done and in place, colours would need some tweaking but mostly layout suggestions / feedback and feature requests. More optimistic for this year than the previous, but even when things slow down we'll remain on top of updates at the very least.
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    I dread the day when you release a video without a funky EDM track in the background
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    Well other than my phone breaking 5 days before holiday the LAUNCHER IS DONE. I'm now reworking the clients (should be faster than launcher)
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    Framework BETA is now online. Bit of information: Changing skins WILL cause lag until set (when LIVE is released the skins will be set before hand and will only lag when you want to change / adjust them) Triggerbot actually has a WORKING AFTERSHOOT. GlowESP works flawlessly. BunnyHop works flawlessly, includes faceIT bypass. RCS works flawlessly, recommend using scalars for a more legit RCS appearance and less "jutter" (70,70) [Weapon configs are disabled] Currently offsets can be streamed from server(default) or can be obtained via a .ini file, i will provide a structure to this file if people want to update the client themselves because they're impatient. To activate the client click "Activate" on the settings page. YOU ONLY NEED TO CLICK THIS ONCE All adjustments to settings afterwards are AUTO applied. -enjoy- IF YOU OWN THE FRAMEWORK PLEASE REVIEW AND MAKE A VIDEO
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    Framework v2 Released General Changes: Rejigged page flow & design Fixed UI bugs Defaulted DarkMode (Atex suggestion) Aimbot: Added group config format Resolved bones config error Triggerbot: Added group config format. ESP: Added DangerZone tab Fixed application of colours Fixed colour scalars SkinChanger: Fixed paint selection error Improved handling of skins BunnyHop: Temporarily removed bypasses & controls Misc: Temporarily disabled some controls Weapons: Improved compatability between groups & inidivudal configs Fixed weapon selection error Settings: Adjusted activate functionality Fixed offset location error Fixed config import/export format error To Do: Complete Design & UI Provide alternative config application (group-individual) Aimbot features (Velocity, Jump, TargetType, Prioritory) Bone TriggerBot TriggerBot features (Jump, TargetType) Complete DangerZone ESP Move DangerZone entities from ItemESP to the designated tab BunnyHop features (Bypass, PerfRate, Velocity) StrafeHack features (Bypass, Improved PerfRate) Complete/Implement WiggleHack Complete Misc features Remove RCS Weapons combobox as redundant More customisable features Weapons features (Trig+Aim: Key and Bones, RCS: RandomRange, Skin: Skin Selector) Complete KnifeChanger (If I've missed anything that you feel needs adjusting let me know.) Christmas Sale: 15% off until christmas with discount code CHR15TMAS
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    First of all: it is external Now to the VAC: Almost all the cheats have been undetected since 2014. Back then a major VAC wave hit many providers and unfortunately also U2M. This was accidentall if I recall correctly and should not have happened. Since then we survived many more waves without any complaints. Just be aware of Overwatch as that's a different story.
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    Alright no worries, appreciate the response!
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    Just a rushed video demonstrating latest iteration of the aimbot. More improvements underway!
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    Clients Current Status Release Date Version Detection History Supported OS BunnyHop & Strafe Offline (Maintenance) June 2013 3.0.4 (30/05/2019) June 2016 Windows 10 Undetected (4 Years) TriggerHop Offline (Maintenance) August 2015 2.0.1 (30/05/2019) None Windows 10 Undetected (5 Years) GenericTBR Offline (Maintenance) March 2016 2.0.1 (30/05/2019) None Windows 10 Undetected (4 Years) Framework Offline (Maintenance) July 2016 2.0.3 (30/05/2019) August 2016, February 2017 Windows 10 Undetected (3 Years)
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    bhop was vac detected once, EVER. It was early last year and since then the security has been overhauled. Truecrypt is used in combination with the client for added security.
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    You would have to pm @Unknown2Me About it. I think it varies and you might have to overpay.
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    I had nothing to do so i decided to do some kinda "profile picture" i guess you could call it for Unknown2Me, its nothing special really it took like half and hour. But thought some of you might like it, cheers. Some other pictures ive made imgur: /a/ekXJ3
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    I'm going to have no internet for 1-2 weeks. This is down to me moving for uni. In the event of a CS:GO update i will try push offsets via my phone but worst case scenario is you'll have your days lost readded when my internet returns.
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    Don't know tbh, here's the picture if you are interested.
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    is that the civ 5 wallpaper in the 2?
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    Thanks fam Cant seem to get it to work doesn't log into google just gives me a bunch of errors
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    Zachatfield 2B688654T4399340L
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    Only I can process transactions.
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    you are offering 50 dollars per account?
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    just post the link and it'll auto-embed.
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    There are issues with the rcs on the framework but other than that there are no reported detections
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    EDIT: OH SHIT IT WAS MADE IN 2010 BRUH Intro is waaaay too long, the shotgun sound could have been turned down halfway, good song but it doesn't quite work with a very short clip, and instead of fading out it just abruptly ends. However, this isn't the worst I've seen. You do have some stuff to work on so try adding a few clips (even if they aren't particularly good) just to screw around with syncing and all that. Also the weird green overlay at the top is kind of out of place and in my opinion should be replaced with black bars on the top and bottom to give it a "widescreen" look. An OCE is good and all but it seems too short without cinematics in between kills. Example below.
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    What? I mean like with the old multi If you changed the settings in the .ini it created AFTER you've started it and set it up to begin with you'd have to RESTART the hack after that for the changes to take affect.
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    Warning to all my niggas on the late night grind, my nigga icheese deserves better than -1 rep so smash that like button
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    Thanks for the info, also what does GenericTBR include? also what is the installation process for all of these, is there a guide once you purchase it that explains how to install these?
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    it's 4am here so I'm going to bed, I just created the HWID reset platform and implemented it into the launcher. Tomorrow I'll update the clients to support the new websystem. THEN we'll be good to go.
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    Progress is being made; I've made the first adjustment to the launcher to allow for logging in, I'm going to setup the listed subscriptions and downloading now.
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    (slight issue, software I've used has expired... If I didn't spend £200 on IPB then I'd spend the £30 for it but until then I'll have to use old / more insecure software) fyi yes I am that broke, I leave for holiday on Monday.
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    Web login system seems to be ready; Just going tweak it a little then begin the launcher side of things.
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    Hmm, not sure how does that work... I often backup my projects through phpmyadmin, perhaps your host does have a different system then, which to be honest, is a complete stupidity. Not sure what you mean, but IP.Board is just as great anyway. If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know. Good luck!
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    Subscription Name: billyspam23 Transaction ID: #6V031594S24423641
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    Subscription Name: kh1998 Transaction ID: 2W492072T96095125
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    I'd firstly like to apologise for the downtime the past few days. Our time using vBulletin has passed after the database corrupted. We are now running the latest version of IPB; the only issue is I'll need to add everyones subscription back MANUALLY. If you had a subscription can you please post below the following: Subscription Name: Transaction ID: It may take an extra day or 2 to get the client working with the new forum but I hope to have it done soon.
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    yo i have 3.60 in skin and i wan't to buy the triggerhop can someone help me thanks
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    Hi, This is going to be public very soon (if it's not already) so I'd not use it for very long as it will probably get vac detected but you can give it a go on insecure LAN http://www.filedropper.com/csgoopti As for anyone wondering it's phonk's optimiser (fairly well known within the bhop community).
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    Contact me on skype: capitalsfan27, the current price for the skin is around 2.75 USD and The Triggerhop is 2.66
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    So I decide to purchase unknown2me bunnyhop hack as i heard a lot about it I had issue is that i want to purchase it with steam wallet card which i have $20 And The cheat cost $12 10 years its okay for me to pay $20 wallet idc about it but is it possible to buy with steam wallet i left message to unknown2me but as i saw post about he being on vacation is there anyone else incharge in here who i can contact and he can help me out. Please leave your skype Name down so i can add you Thanks.
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    strienie 4UK13785KK335915E
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    Hello It's me ahhaah #privatetriggerbot 0E918178YV845200X
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    Oh the joys back when i was 12.
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    Im going to be purchasing quite soon, I just want to know the detection dates of all clients. Thanks ~Lefty
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