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  1. Clients Current Status Release Date Version Detection History BunnyHop & Strafe Online June 2013 3.0 (14/08/2018) June 2016 Undetected (3 Years) TriggerHop Online August 2015 2.0 (02/08/2018) None Undetected (4 Years) GenericTBR Online March 2016 2.0 (23/04/2018) None Undetected (3 Years) Framework Online July 2016 2.0 (13/12/2018) August 2016 February 2017 Undetected (2 Years)
  2. Just a rushed video demonstrating latest iteration of the aimbot. More improvements underway!
  3. VAC, MM, SMAC & Other ServerSide AntiCheats
  4. We do not support FaceIT AntiCheat. We have only ever supported FaceIT Server AntiCheat, if that's what you're referring to, it's the TriggerHop.
  5. Nope, only the Bunnyhop & StrafeHack.
  6. Fixed your videos, no tags are required just paste the link Only leaving this here for now, usually wont allow other videos of different providers etc but site acitivity is a must.
  7. Framework v2 Released General Changes: Rejigged page flow & design Fixed UI bugs Defaulted DarkMode (Atex suggestion) Aimbot: Added group config format Resolved bones config error Triggerbot: Added group config format. ESP: Added DangerZone tab Fixed application of colours Fixed colour scalars SkinChanger: Fixed paint selection error Improved handling of skins BunnyHop: Temporarily removed bypasses & controls Misc: Temporarily disabled some controls Weapons: Improved compatability between groups & inidivudal configs Fixed weapon selection error Settings: Adjusted activate functionality Fixed offset location error Fixed config import/export format error To Do: Complete Design & UI Provide alternative config application (group-individual) Aimbot features (Velocity, Jump, TargetType, Prioritory) Bone TriggerBot TriggerBot features (Jump, TargetType) Complete DangerZone ESP Move DangerZone entities from ItemESP to the designated tab BunnyHop features (Bypass, PerfRate, Velocity) StrafeHack features (Bypass, Improved PerfRate) Complete/Implement WiggleHack Complete Misc features Remove RCS Weapons combobox as redundant More customisable features Weapons features (Trig+Aim: Key and Bones, RCS: RandomRange, Skin: Skin Selector) Complete KnifeChanger (If I've missed anything that you feel needs adjusting let me know.) Christmas Sale: 15% off until christmas with discount code CHR15TMAS
  8. The BLACK FRIDAY sale is now LIVE, 45% off using the following discount code: BL4CKFRID5Y Date: 22/11/2018 - 24/11/2018 Code has unlimited uses and unrestricted within this slot, happy cheating. (Please remember users require Windows10). - Unknown2Me
  9. hello i have problem you know how to fix the error probably Microsoft .NET Framework  Invalid class  cheats not working :/

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    2. maniakama


      Is it possible to refund?

    3. Unknown2Me


      Again. Make a support thread...


      You wont get my help unless you actually ask for it in the right area.

    4. maniakama


      yeeee ty works on a new window :)


    Sorry, can you help me now? when I open the inject I put to start on the notepad it gives an error called pr2

  11. macrodox on CS:S? It shouldn't have changed at all in regards to detecting fakescrolls etc, it always had the ability to see scrolls. Should be up to date, if not notify me.
  12. hello, didnt know how to contact u so im writing here, saw u seeking testers for framework on d3 and since ive used ur cheats b4 i decided to ask about it. 

  13. Framework hasn't been truly detected yet. it doesn't havea given status due to it being in beta however advise is always use caution when cheating so use an alt.
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