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  1. yo i have 3.60 in skin and i wan't to buy the triggerhop can someone help me thanks
  2. Skyler can i add you what is your steam
  3. warendxfr

    Clients Online

    Uknown2Me in TriggerHop what is the button Use Bones (Faceit) ? ty
  4. warendxfr

    Progess Report

    thanks you for the tool
  5. warendxfr

    Progess Report

    Soueu the update is automatic ? because i have a Microsoft .NET Framework error :3 ty.
  6. warendxfr

    Progess Report

    Can i have the link of the launcher when it is finished ? ty
  7. warendxfr

    Website Issues!

    Subscription Name : warendxfr Transaction ID : 9PM189704F4251238
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