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  1. The accounts are 30$ They have around 5 more wins now
  2. You maybe didn't know it but all this pro were/are cheating: People in red = People that you may know Previously Banned: ShirleyAstre 4sh0t novel tork Nicolas cool cheti InfrequeNt dukiiii s1mple flex vEz ellon Snic matHEND bobbY Hyper constarr nes xelos m0E kzy zaider CosMo Snax KristeN Sally Account Sharing ban: n0thing FalleN azakhstan zLex HObbit fitch mou AdreN (Gambit) Dosia KKM ScRm marq dvn zneiL obj Currently Banned from Valve Events: meesHa Kamraten Otgoo salas cool AREA kri
  3. Hello, I'm selling 6 "The Global Elite" accounts, information below. If you have a question, message me or comment. **Message me if you want and tell the price that you are ready to pay for the account** (6 Globals for sells) ACCOUNT 1 Win: 67 Wins Hours: 67 Hours Friends: 0 Inventory: Total: $0.42 (11 items) Profile Privacy: Public Trade Ban: None VAC Ban: None Community Ban: None Screenshoot: Below Games: CS:GO only Steam Profil Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198315780629/ Cheat has been never used
  4. It's very good man, good job
  5. The FrameWork looks pretty amazing
  6. Yea, I know, but I do spray since 2007 LOL so now I'm like spray, AH YES I HAVE THE RCS don't move pls hahaah (I have a mental reaction time ahahhahaahah)
  7. Give him 1 day I think he is setting the FrameWork to get undetected and very good
  8. I had the triggerhop and 0 detection, I now have the Generic and HE IS SO GOOD ahhahah
  9. Yeah, me too, I don't understand why we don't need to move the mouse with RCS, I'm like "I will do a crazy spray control", but RCS control all so my spray goes all on the floor ahhahaahah
  10. To much bhop for me jk ahahahahh
  11. ahahhahaha But m4 look legit, but not with aim, only with RCS and triggerbot spray.
  12. xirus

    Dont mind me

    NS, but triggerbot is obvious aahh
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