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  1. http://imgur.com/a/hjKD6 need opinions, made it for a friend.
  2. based on the first two kills i wouldnt say too phishy (too lazy to watch the full thing) enjoyable video tho.
  3. Skyler

    need opinions

    yeah... here it is. you can also reference the ones he has done obviously to learn letters and make yours better.
  4. Skyler

    Dont mind me

    the last shot of 28 / 29 looked a little bit phishy. looking a bit less obvious tho.
  5. Skyler

    need opinions

    thats probably why, theres no custom brushes that shape in PS, adobe illustrator is the way to go to do this type of stuff. look up signature brushes on youtube and download the free one, those are the brushes i use if you would like to get into this type of stuff.
  6. Skyler

    Dont mind me

    the last shot was a little phishy. are you using triggerhop??
  7. @Jose oh my god the tony hawk video on your channel gave me the chills, havent seen any tony hawk in so god damn long, happy about it lmao
  9. nutty. atleast yours didnt get nine dislikes hahahhahaha
  10. hahahhahahahhahaahhahahah this shits too fucking quiet!!!!!!!!!! make it louder next time pls
  11. Skyler

    need opinions

    still pretty cool! are you using paint? and thank you man
  12. Skyler

    need opinions

    i am excited to see this drawing of my name haha! and thanks man, i didnt think they were that good but that could just me doubting myself haha
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