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  1. Jose

    Clients Online

    The bots have taken over 😪
  2. Just testing out a different style, as simple as this is. I don't usually use demos, just shadowplay. What do you think?
  3. Jose

    Changes to come.

    This is pretty upsetting to read. It'd be nice to all enjoy something without having people ruin it all the time. I support your work, I appreciate your work and I'd hate to see the site get shut down. But if it does get shut down I'd like to say thank you in advance for all the hard work you put in.
  4. Jose

    I need tips :)

    What'd you use Cactus' clips? This is pretty in terms of pan/crop. The Transitions are smooth, the shake is nice, the speed is good but It'd be much nicer if you maybe added CC, added sounds, synced the music too and it was a bit longer.
  5. $0.50 = 50 Cents. $0,50 = 50 Dollars written incorrectly.
  6. just post the link and it'll auto-embed.
  7. I used to say the same thing but I eventually got bored with montages, there's only so much you can do that's impressive to watch. In the past few years more and more people have been doing these kinds of videos. They're more based on the editing than the actual kills themselves. Edit: The CC Could have been turned down a shit ton though. Example, in this he's literally shooting targets. Another example.
  8. I get what you mean. With the title Nocturnal it should have been much darker and more in tune with the title. Thank you, I always appreciate feedback and also Welcome!
  9. Jose

    cod 4 montage

    I meant him making the video, fam. COD4 was amazing.
  10. Jose

    cod 4 montage

    We all regret something from when we were 12.
  11. Jose

    cod 4 montage

    EDIT: OH SHIT IT WAS MADE IN 2010 BRUH Intro is waaaay too long, the shotgun sound could have been turned down halfway, good song but it doesn't quite work with a very short clip, and instead of fading out it just abruptly ends. However, this isn't the worst I've seen. You do have some stuff to work on so try adding a few clips (even if they aren't particularly good) just to screw around with syncing and all that. Also the weird green overlay at the top is kind of out of place and in my opinion should be replaced with black bars on the top and bottom to give it a "widescreen" look.
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