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  1. unranked yet, because i got vaced on the other account for blatant bhop :)) i am using framework. my last rank was mge
  2. pincky123

    No internet

    so on 6 octomber you get internet back?
  3. hey ya'll. looking for team mates to play with, preferably with the hack :)) unfortunately i can't play myself with the hack, because i have the denied error, but after u2m fixes it, i will use the hack too looking for premade team mates add me or respond to this post
  4. pincky123

    No internet

    omg, i wish time goes by faster :((( i am adicted to your cheats man.. tell the internet providers i have bussines with their moms if they don't mive their asses to put internet in your house man.. you are awsome
  5. pincky123

    No internet

    i understand you.. i know how it is, it sucks
  6. pincky123

    No internet

    why do they take so long to put internet over there? in my country it is 1 or days at maximum:))
  7. pincky123

    Progess Report

    when can we use the portal? and how we get it, will you upload it on the website?
  8. pincky123

    Website Issues!

    pincky123 Transaction ID: 9PH31053N1061142R Unknown2Me MultiHack SubscriptionItem# 4de665dec1a8c03a39c06594901e57dd
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