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  1. You maybe didn't know it but all this pro were/are cheating: People in red = People that you may know Previously Banned: ShirleyAstre 4sh0t novel tork Nicolas cool cheti InfrequeNt dukiiii s1mple flex vEz ellon Snic matHEND bobbY Hyper constarr nes xelos m0E kzy zaider CosMo Snax KristeN Sally Account Sharing ban: n0thing FalleN azakhstan zLex HObbit fitch mou AdreN (Gambit) Dosia KKM ScRm marq dvn zneiL obj Currently Banned from Valve Events: meesHa Kamraten Otgoo salas cool AREA kriSSh Gery BDSM m0z Sf KQLY smn NLaaeR dream3r Nille emilio agM Independent zaider moxxi tucks gazR cLy dalito dave xanzir qz mupzG s3mig0d robiin b0bbzki
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