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Found 5 results

  1. Base2Me (Base2Me GitHub) The Open Source External C# CS:GO Base A Managed CS:GO Base, designed to revise C# and provide an alternative learning platform to begineer programmers in the community. Requirements .NET Core 2.2 or Above Visual Studio 2017 or Above (If you have issues) How To Use Download the repository Extract the .zip to a location of your choice Open Base2Me.csproj inside the Base2Me folder Tweak or Compile! (Publish for a .exe) Left/Right arrow key to change setting values Up/Down arrow key to change setting option Escape to apply settings and begin client Profit? Example License GPL-3.0
  2. Hello, I had this cheat (dont remember last time) was working good ... I wanna buy it again but has it been detected? when was last detection (cheat and loader) or untrusted things? Im planning use it in a nice account thats why my questions =)
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/id/stonedboi Rank / Commends / Inventory This account has 19 commends, has been hourboosted also close to prime Only cheat used is unknown2me triggerbot on this account Price: £18,$22.54,€20.90 (accepting offers) (used google to convert)
  4. Some things I would like to note! -= THE SKINS ON THE ACCOUNT DO NOT COME WITH THE ACCOUNT THEY WILL BE TRADED TO MY OTHER ACCOUNT IF SOMEONE IS INTERESTED =--= ASKING PRICE IS 100$ PAYPAL AND IS NEGOTIABLE =--= THREAD WILL BE UPDATED IF ACCOUNT IS SOLD =--= CURRENT STATUS : NOT YET SOLD STILL AVAILABLE =- -= THE ACCOUNT IS PRIME !!! IS PRIME!!! =- -= HAS OVER 150 COMMENDS EACH!!! =- -= HAS OVERWATCH!!! =-✔ ---1. ( Has 11 Year's of Service Badge )✔2. ( Has the 5 Year Vet Coin in CS:GO )3. ( Over 1800 HR's Played on CS:GO )4. ( Has multiple other games on the Account )5. ( Steam Level 43 )6. ( Never banned on any third party sites for example Faceit, ESEA and CEVO )7. ( Has a Genuine Phoenix Pin and Train Pin in CS:GO Inventory )8. ( CS:GO Rank Legendary Eagle Master )9. ( Never used cheats on the account )10. ( VAC In perfect standing never any issues )---If you are serious about buying send me a pm here and we talk more. Other then that here are some screenshot's of the account. ( Some parts cut out for privacy reasons! ) IF YOU NEED ANY SPECIFIC SCREENSHOTS THAT I MAY HAVE MISSED PM ME!
  5. need opinions, first thing back in a while.
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