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banned? does it gets detected?

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last detection for triggerhop was almost a year ago. Since then, greater security measures have been taken. That being said, any cheat (FROM ANY PROVIDER) has risk involved. All cheats risk getting detected. We can not prepare for it. Cheating, in any game, is a risk and getting banned is the punishment.

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9 hours ago, cola465 said:

Just log into the forums every morning and check if there's a thread about detection, do that and you're never getting banned bud 

that is not true. A lot of times Valve delays bans. At that point you may have cheated when it was detected and stopped playing for a month. But as soon as they decide to release the wave, you're banned. Finding out on the forum might be too late. 

However, this is a risk for any cheat provider. Not just u2m.

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